TR Technology

Digital Transformation in the Metalworking Sector

The Client

TR Technology

TR Technology is a leading company in the production of mixed self-supporting trusses, columns, and metal structures, operating since 1967. With a strong legacy in the metalworking sector, the company collaborated with our agency to renew its corporate image, improve cybersecurity, and expand the reach of their marketing.

The Challenges

The main challenges included:

Modern Communication in a Traditional Sector

Translating the quality, history, and completeness of TR Technology’s solutions into a digital format accessible and understandable, even for older generation operators.


Strengthening cybersecurity in a company that urgently needed to modernize its IT infrastructure to protect sensitive data and critical operations.

Addressing the challenges with TR Technology required a holistic and innovative approach, given the complexity of the engineering industry traditionally anchored in conventional methods. The main challenge was to modernize the company’s online presence in a way that authentically reflected the quality of its products, while maintaining accessibility for a diverse audience, including professionals less familiar with digital technologies.

Another critical challenge was to improve the security of the company’s IT infrastructure. In an era where cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated, ensuring the protection of TR Technology’s sensitive data and crucial operations was not only necessary for business continuity but also essential to preserving the trust of customers and business partners.

Finally, creating promotional materials required a delicate balance between tradition and modernity, demanding a deep understanding of the brand and its historical roots, coupled with innovative design that could attract new customers and maintain the interest of current ones.

Overcoming these challenges not only improved TR Technology’s visibility and operations but also strengthened our ability to work effectively within highly specialized and traditional industries, demonstrating the transformative power of digital solutions in even the most unexpected contexts.

La Soluzione

The solution we implemented for TR Technology represented a combination of advanced technology and an in-depth understanding of the client’s specific needs. To meet the challenge of modernizing their online presence, we developed a corporate site that not only served as a showcase for their high-quality products but also offered an intuitive and accessible user experience for all generations of industry professionals.

The introduction of a robust IT security system was a crucial part of our solution. By installing advanced firewalls, endpoint security systems, and a secure VPN, we ensured that TR Technology’s operations remained protected from external threats, while a local storage server with RAID configuration offered a reliable and secure data management solution.

For promotional materials, we created brochures and other printed resources that not only communicated TR Technology’s excellence and heritage but did so in a visually appealing format that reflected the brand identity and spoke directly to the heart of its target market.

Every aspect of our solution was designed to elevate TR Technology’s brand perception, expand its market, and strengthen its position as a leader in the engineering industry. The success of these implementations is a testament to the potential of well-planned digital integrations and the importance of a partnership based on trust and ongoing dialogue

Corporate Site Development:

Design & Development

We created a website that serves as an information platform and showcase for products, including a detailed catalog and processing history. We also implemented an SEO and link building strategy to improve online ranking.

SEO Optimization Continued

In addition to website creation, we implemented an ongoing SEO strategy that includes content optimization, site performance analysis, and adaptation to market trends, ensuring that TR Technology maintains high online visibility and attracts qualified web traffic.

Securing IT Infrastructure:

Strengthened Security

Installation of hardware firewalls, endpoint security suites, VPN servers, and local storage servers with RAID to ensure the integrity and security of corporate data.

Security Training and Consulting

To ensure that new security technologies were effectively integrated, we provided training sessions to TR Technology staff on how to manage day-to-day security. This included recognizing potential threats, secure password management, and protecting sensitive data, creating a security-conscious corporate culture.

Brochures and Paper Materials:

Design and Production

Production of promotional materials reflecting brand identity, with a focus on print materials and text, geared toward different use cases and target audiences.

Consistent Design for Events and Trade Shows

We extended the design and materials created for brochures to all other promotional materials used at events and trade shows, ensuring brand consistency across all communication channels. This included booth materials, business cards, and information sheets, all designed to further reinforce TR Technology's brand image and presence in professional settings.

Innovation in the Metalworking Sector

Revamping corporate image, enhancing IT security, and expanding marketing strategy for a historic leader in the engineering industry.

Product Owner's Word

"Our experience with TR Technology has shown how even traditional industries can be completely transformed through the adoption of digital solutions. This project allowed us to explore new frontiers in the application of technology in industry, highlighting how digital innovation can generate significant competitive advantages."

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