How Do You Go From a Software Idea to Its Realization?

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SelliFlow is a software as a service (SaaS) developed internally by our agency Selli, aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses manage and monitor inventory, orders, and customers effectively.

SelliFlow stands out for its ability to simplify complex operations through an intuitive interface and advanced features, making daily business management smoother and less stressful.

The Challenge

When we decided to tackle the development of SelliFlow, we quickly realized the two main challenging factors we would face:


Accurately define the market niche targeted for software use


Develop specific features that directly addressed the needs of the target audience

For the project to succeed, it was essential to ensure that every aspect of the application was intuitive and immediately operational for end users, who often lacked the time or resources for extensive technical training.

In addition, it was critical to establish a brand identity that communicated reliability and professionalism, which is essential for gaining the trust of potential customers in a competitive market.

The Solution

Web Site and Web App Development


We created the SelliFlow website using WordPress, with a fully customized template reflecting the brand identity. The goal was to make the site easily navigable, informative and visually appealing, to convey the software's values of simplicity and effectiveness.

Web App

Application development was managed with an Agile approach, using Scrum to facilitate rapid iterations based on feedback from early beta testers. This allowed us to refine functionality and ensure that the platform was robust and fully aligned with user needs.

The Solution

Brand Creation and Marketing Materials:

In the process of creating the brand and marketing materials for SelliFlow, we paid special attention to the importance of visually communicating the software’s values of intuitiveness, efficiency, and serenity.

Starting with the choice of a relaxing and professional color palette, we developed a logo that symbolizes both modernity and ease of use, two key attributes of the product.

Visual consistency was maintained through all marketing materials, including the social media kit, which was designed to ensure a consistent and impactful online presence. This kit included templates for posts and covers, as well as guidelines on the use of colors and fonts, ensuring that every online interaction reinforced the brand identity.

Brand identity

The development of the SelliFlow brand involved extensive branding work that included defining a soothing color palette, creating a distinctive logo, and developing a clear and direct communication line.

Social Media Kit

We have developed a comprehensive social media kit to ensure consistent and professional communication across all platforms, which is critical to building and maintaining engagement with the community.

This attention to detail in branding not only improved the external perception of SelliFlow but also played a crucial role in building trust and brand recognition, facilitating the engagement and conversion of potential customers. Through these targeted strategies, SelliFlow was successfully positioned as a leading solution in its market segment, highlighting how a coordinated and professional image can have a direct impact on business success.

Harmony, simplicity and innovation

These are the three pillars underlying the identity and operation of SelliFlow

Product Owner's Word

"Leading the development of SelliFlow has been an incredibly rewarding and challenging journey. From the beginning, it was clear that the success of the project depended not only on the technology behind the software, but also on the ability to effectively communicate its value to potential users. Our mission was to create a product that not only solved real problems, but did so in an intuitive and accessible way.

During the branding and marketing development phase, we worked carefully to ensure that every visual element and message reflected the simplicity and effectiveness of SelliFlow. Every decision, from the choice of logo colors to the wording of key messages, was made with the goal of making our product not only usable, but also desirable.

The feedback we received from early users was crucial. Each round of feedback allowed us to further refine the approach, making SelliFlow not only a better product but also a stronger brand. Seeing how companies are using SelliFlow to improve their day-to-day operations is a confirmation that the hard work and dedication of our team has really paid off. This project has reinforced my belief that a great product comes from the intersection of advanced technology and effective communication."

In this project we have used

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