Innovation and Digitalization in Local Advertising

The Client


PuzzleNetwork manages an innovative advertising network through screens installed in local bars in Florence and plans to expand to other cities in Italy. The company aims to offer a dynamic and direct advertising service, connecting local businesses with their clients through engaging visual content.

The Challenges

PuzzleNetwork was faced with several challenges:

Definition of Services

There was a need to clarify and structure the service offerings for network customers, ensuring that they were appropriately tailored to the needs of the local market and the specific context of the bars.

Facing the Pandemic

The logistics of managing advertising content directly on the premises required an organized and technologically advanced approach to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of campaigns.

eCommerce Integration

There was a strong need to modernize and digitize the content management system to facilitate the distribution and updating of advertisements.

Addressing the challenges posed by PuzzleNetwork was crucial to the success of the project. One of the main hurdles was figuring out how to effectively manage the distribution of advertising content in different environments, such as bars, where direct interaction and visual impact are key. The need to completely modernize and digitize the content management system for our advertising screens required a solution that was as robust as it was flexible.

In addition, defining a suitable service package for companies participating in the network and ensuring that these solutions were scalable for future expansion to other cities was critical.

The Solution

We developed a fresh and dynamic brand identity for PuzzleNetwork, created a website that serves as an effective showcase and built a web application that allows clients to easily upload their advertising content. This centralized system helps maintain a constant editorial calendar and ensures regular updates of advertisements across various screens.

Web Site Development and E-commerce Integration:

Brand and Visual Identity

We developed a fresh and dynamic brand identity for PuzzleNetwork, using a color palette inspired by the city of Florence and creating a logo that reflects the concept of connectivity and innovation. The conversational and approachable tone was chosen to resonate with the young and dynamic audience of cafes.

Web Site Development

Although the website serves as a simple landing page, it is designed to be an effective showcase for the network, with automated integrations for collecting and managing contacts, thus facilitating the work of sales agents.

Web Application and Content Management

We have created a web application that allows PuzzleNetwork clients to easily upload their advertising content. This centralized system helps maintain a consistent editorial calendar and ensures that commercials are regularly updated across screens.

Digital in the Service of the Physical

This project has strengthened our understanding of how digital solutions can be applied effectively even in traditionally non-digital contexts, providing valuable tools for simplifying and optimizing business processes.

The work done for PuzzleNetwork demonstrates how a creative and technologically advanced approach to local advertising can transform the way companies interact with their customers. With effective brand identity and digital solutions implemented, PuzzleNetwork is now better equipped to expand its influence and impact in the local advertising market.

Product Owner's Word

"Working with PuzzleNetwork has been a fascinating and complex project. From the beginning, it was clear that our task was not just to create a visual identity or a simple application, but to create an inclusive solution that integrated advanced technology to completely transform the way the client managed and distributed advertising content.

We had to think beyond the traditional boundaries of design and programming to meet the unique needs of an advertising network operating in such dynamic environments as bars.

Our brand definition work had to capture the vibrant and appealing essence of the Florentine context, while the web application required robustness to handle continuous streams of content effectively and reliably. The biggest challenge was to coordinate the transition of the content management system so that it was smooth and seamless, ensuring that our clients could continue their promotional activities unhindered.

The results were outstanding. Seeing prominent brands such as Fiorentina and Prinz join the network and receive such positive feedback from PuzzleNetwork confirmed that we had not only met, but exceeded expectations. This project reinforced our commitment to digital innovation and demonstrated how vital it is to have an open and constructive dialogue with customers to make such initiatives successful."

In this project we have used

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