La Regina sono #Me

From Physical Store to Successful eCommerce

The Client

La Regina Sono #me

La Regina Sono #ME is an innovative store offering unique and personalized clothing, passionately managed by Antonella and Enrica. With a strong presence and an active community on Instagram, the goal was to transform the shopping experience by improving the management of orders and payments, previously handled manually, and offering a complete and optimized online shopping experience.

The Challenge

The main obstacle was creating an eCommerce portal that met the needs of an audience accustomed to interacting mainly via mobile devices and social channels. It was crucial to ensure intuitive navigation and a mobile-optimized platform that could seamlessly integrate with the highly personalized brand identity.

The challenges that “La Regina sono #Me” presented were multiple and complex, reflecting the dynamics and needs of a rapidly changing fashion market. In addition to the need for a transition from a manual to a fully digitized sales model, the project had to consider the brand’s unique aesthetic and the high level of customization of the products offered.

High traffic from mobile devices dictated flawless performance and an optimized user experience, which is crucial for maintaining customer engagement and converting sales.


La Soluzione

In response to the specific needs of “La Regina Sono #ME,” our goal was not only to transform their sales process from a manual system to a fully automated eCommerce platform but also to ensure that this transition reflected the uniqueness of their brand and improved the shopping experience for their customers. Our solution needed to be intuitive, visually appealing, and technologically advanced to effectively handle the high influx of mobile traffic from social channels. We adopted an integrated approach that involved the development of a mobile-optimized eCommerce site, the implementation of modern and secure payment systems, and the customization of the CMS to meet the specific management and style needs of “La Regina Sono #ME.”

This overall solution not only improved the operational efficiency of the store but also elevated the overall user experience, demonstrating the effectiveness of a well-planned digital strategy in the custom fashion retail industry.

The introduction of the new eCommerce system has greatly simplified order and payment management, eliminating the need for manual intervention and improving operational efficiency. Ease of use and mobile optimization have increased sales conversion and raised average spend per customer.

eCommerce development:

Mobile First design

We developed an eCommerce site with a design that favors access from mobile, which is essential for 95% of the traffic coming from social channels. The platform has been optimized to ensure smooth and fast navigation.

WooCommerce Customization

Using WooCommerce, we created a custom template that reflected the visual identity of the brand while ensuring high performance and efficient backend management.

Portal optimization:

Modern and Secure Payments

We have integrated advanced payment solutions such as Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay to facilitate fast and secure purchases directly from the mobile platform.

Advanced SEO Optimization

We developed a comprehensive SEO strategy, optimizing structured data, images and content to improve indexing and loading times. This provided greater visibility in search engines and improved user experience, increasing organic traffic and sales conversion.

Innovation within the reach of SMEs

Being able to take a reality of its analog nature and bring it into the online world is one of the aspects that bring the most satisfaction to our work. La Regina Sono #Me is in this a perfect example.

Product Owner's Word

Working with 'La Regina sono #ME' has been an exciting and rewarding journey. We had the unique opportunity to transform a traditional business into a cutting-edge e-commerce venture, meeting very specific needs in terms of product customization and social integration. Our main goal was to create a shopping experience that not only met the very high expectations of Antonella and Enrica's customers, but also reflected the uniqueness and creativity of their brand

In this project we have used

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