The Selli-Team

Sellinnate is a team of IT professionals who provide exceptional service in every way.

We are committed to providing our clients with quality results, speed of execution and all-round partnership.

Our experts are always thinking of innovative strategies that lead to brilliant results in terms of revenue, traffic, leads, IT security and excellent user experience.

With us, you will experience a unique partnership.

Filippo Calabrese

Head of development

As a senior web developer, he has been involved in the development of numerous web projects using the latest technologies on the market, including blockchain technology and the Solidity language for the development of a security platform.

Head of sales

Co-founder of Sellinnate and another company, Moritz has extensive experience in international management consulting. His strengths are his extensive network and his critical sense for creating successful partnerships.

Moritz Casini

Alberto Dragoni

Full stack developer

A full stack developer with a strong focus on backend technology, Alberto completed a professional training course sponsored by a renowned Italian company and has shown great dedication and team spirit since joining the company.

Luca Pellegrino

Full stack developer

Luca has a strong penchant for backend development and an extensive knowledge of numerous programming languages built up over many years of experience, complemented by excellent team building and communication skills.

Yazan Aakel

Frontend developer

Yazan is responsible for front-end development, especially on the mobile side. He uses the Flutter language to create the interfaces for our Android and iOS applications, ensuring maximum performance for scalable and efficient applications.

Nicole Michielin

Graphic & UI/UX designer

As head of the design and user experience team, Nicole is a UX/UI designer who focuses on the concept of 360° accessibility and human-centred design to ensure that each service is best enjoyed by the end user. Her assessment is critical in the approval phase.

Antonio Liguori

Graphic & UI/UX designer

Antonio’s work focuses on UX design and front-end web development. He has been involved in the development of numerous applications and information portals, focusing on the usability of the information they contain.

Leopoldo Pizzetti

Marketing Manager

Among Sellinnate’s recent acquisitions, Leopoldo juggles graphic software and social networks to increase the company’s visibility to those who already know us and those who have yet to discover us, both online and in person.

Sofia Bonechi

Sales Representative

Together with Moritz, Sofia forms the company’s sales department with the aim of promoting Sellinnate and the services it offers. She also uses her analytical skills to study competitors and potential customers in order to expand the market space we occupy.

Riccardo Gallori

Administration & finance manager

Riccardo takes care of the management and administration of Sellinnate’s financial movements and documentation, ensuring that everything is always in compliance with the law. Thanks to his knowledge and direct approach, he is able to deal with any event.

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