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Money saving

Certainty of the Cost of Managing Your Website

Every day new e-commerce businesses are born that populate an online market that is increasingly rich in proposals and offers. We at Sellinnate have always been working alongside digital entrepreneurs and on what for us is now a law set in stone is that: “having an e-commerce does not mean selling”. An e-commerce business is a complex ecosystem that requires many more skills than the physical store, as it is not exclusively subject to market logic market but also, and above all, to the rules of the web. This is why it is essential to entrust the management of your e-commerce activity to an experienced agency that knows how to take care of every aspect of your online store, without leaving you out in the cold with regards to any of your requests (e.g. marketing, logistics management, custom development, payment management, etcetera).


Why Entrust the Management of E-Commerce to Sellinnate

Store management

Simple and Effective Online Store Management

Managing an e-commerce requires specialized skills ranging in different areas. With our fully managed solutions, we make every operational, commercial and administrative management activity simple.

Continuous tracking

Warehouse Management, Logistics and Shipping

Tons of online stores waste time and resources in warehouse management, logistics and shipping. Thanks to our technical skills, everything will be perfectly coordinated and always efficient.

How Much it Costs to Entrust the Management of Your E-Commerce to a Professional

Sellinnate has a tailor-made approach to "dress" every single customer request in the best possible way.

Each online store is unique to us and can find itself in different “digital situations”: e-commerce to be built from scratch, e-commerce restyling, product feed management and marketing. This is why our e-commerce management quote is highly customized to the specific and real needs of the customer, knowing that we can be counted on from A to Z. The key point of our offer is to offer our customers an all-inclusive solution for the 360° management of their online store. With our service package, we provide a single, all-inclusive solution for the creation, management, maintenance and continuous development of your e-commerce activity. With Sellinnate, you launch the digital store and only concern yourselves with generating sales with your new customers. We take care of the rest!

Complete E-Commerce Management Package (Fully Managed)

Hosting and Domain

For an e-commerce, having some servers go down means losing money, which is why we offer hosting and domain included with a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.

E-Commerce Realization

We create your online store at no cost as it is all included in a single package of digital services at a fixed monthly fee.

E-Commerce Restyling

If you already have an e-commerce activity, we will take care of its restyling so as to renew graphics, functionality, user experience and make it fully responsive, but above all ready to sell at all times.

Professional E-Commerce Management

We update your e-commerce and take care of its features to ensure that everything is always in excellent shape.

E-Commerce Assistance and Maintenance

We schedule the maintenance of your online store, always keeping it up to date so that there are no vulnerabilities.

Daily Backup

All our customers can have the guarantee of an automatic daily backup system for their e-commerce activities.

Support Tickets

All the plans in our offer include not only the maintenance of the online store but also the execution of technical support tickets for each request.

Developer and Web Designer

You will have at your disposal senior developers with numerous years of experience and creative web designers who will render your e-commerce activity unique.

SEO Expert

To sell your e-commerce, it needs to be easily findable by those looking for your products or services on the web, so you will have an SEO expert at your disposal who will guide you in search engine optimization.

Professional Copywriter

The right words will win over your readers and turn them into your customers, which is why we offer you the advice of a professional copywriter.

E-cmmerce is the entryway to the market

We make it easy to manage your online store

Sellinnate is the Web Agency that deals with the creation and management of your E-Commerce with Fully Managed packages.

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