Blockchain as a synonym for security. What makes such a structure so secure?

Introduction In recent years, the terms “cryptocurrency” and “blockchain” have become commonly used, although not everyone knows what they mean. Although some savers are convinced that cryptocurrencies represent the future of finance, the majority are wary of these digital assets, which are considered – with good reason – to be extremely volatile and therefore high-risk. […]

SmartContract: what are they and how can they help business?

Introduction The world of blockchain and cryptocurrency is now an exponentially growing industry; linked to this area is certainly the expression SmartContract, which is widely used especially when touching on the topic of Ethereum. However, while the latter type of cryptocurrency is well known to most people, SmartContracts probably need further clarification; therefore, what are […]

Blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrencies: the new horizon of the internet

Introduction It has been some time now that the term blockchain has become part of common parlance, most often associated with cryptocurrencies almost as if it were an indissoluble link intended to uniquely describe each of the two realities. To talk about blockchain technology is essentially to talk about cryptocurrencies, and to talk about cryptocurrencies […]

Digital business and Industry 4.0: Here’s why artisans should also invest in digital

Introduction When we talk about digital business, we are not referring to the number of computers, peripherals, digital devices and computer software in a company. In the 21st century, a business can be called truly digital when it succeeds in leveraging to its advantage all the advantages that technology offers. Many of our enterprises, especially […]